Uat a Fac

They say
Forget your name
They say
It's always the same
When you can't find yourself
And there's no one you can blame
About your name

They say
Forget your past
They say
You're always the last
The more you see the less you know
And you can't find no where to go
Back in your past

They say
Don't go that way
They say
You do it everyday
Just blind your eyes and black your skies
And let us be your own device
To light your way

And I say
I know my name
I say
There's no one to blame
I'm every second of my life
Every step in my blue sky
No need to shame

I'm not a pawn in your game
I'm not a digger of your fame
And I just need to go my way
To light my flame

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